LDAP Authentication

Set LDAPIdentityProvider in the identityProviders section to validate username and password against an LDAPv3 server using simple bind authentication.

During authentication, the LDAP directory is searched for an entry that matches the provided username. If a single unique match is found, a simple bind is attempted using the DN of the entry plus the provided password.

Example Configuration Using LDAPIdentityProvider:

apiVersion: installer.kubesphere.io/v1alpha1
kind: ClusterConfiguration
  name: ks-installer
    jwtSecret: ********************************
    authenticateRateLimiterMaxTries: 10
    authenticateRateLimiterDuration: 10m
      accessTokenInactivityTimeout: 30m
      accessTokenMaxAge: 1h
      - name: ldap
        type: LDAPIdentityProvider
        mappingMethod: auto
          managerDN: uid=root,cn=users,dc=nas
          managerPassword: ******
          userSearchBase: cn=users,dc=nas
          loginAttribute: uid
          mailAttribute: mail

For the above example:

Parameter Description
insecureSkipVerify Used to turn off TLS certificate checks.
startTLS If specified, connections will use the ldaps:// protocol.
rootCA Path to a trusted root certificate file. Default: use the host’s root CA.
rootCAData A raw certificate file can also be provided inline. Base64 encoded PEM file.
host The name and port of the LDAP server.
managerDN DN to use to bind during the search phase.
managerPassword Password to use to bind during the search phase.
userSearchBase The search base is the distinguished name (DN) of a level of the directory tree below which all users can be found.
userSearchFilter LDAP filter used to identify objects of type user. e.g. (objectClass=person)
loginAttribute User naming attributes identify user objects, will be mapped to KubeSphere account name.
mailAttribute The mail attribute will be mapped to the KubeSphere account.

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