KubeSphere DevOps: A Powerful CI/CD Platform Built on Top of Kubernetes for DevOps-oriented Teams.

KubeSphere DevOps integrates popular CI/CD tools, provides CI/CD pipelines based on Jenkins, offers automation toolkits including Binary-to-Image (B2I) and Source-to-Image (S2I), and boosts continuous delivery across Kubernetes clusters.

With the container orchestration capability of Kubernetes, KubeSphere DevOps scales Jenkins Agents dynamically, improves CI/CD workflow efficiency, and helps organizations accelerate the time to market for products.

DevOps With Kubernetes And KubeSphere

Run CI/CD Pipelines in Kubernetes Clusters to Implement Automated Code Checkout, Testing, Code Analysis, Building, Deploying and Releasing

  • Out-of-the-Box CI/CD Pipelines

    • Easy integration with SCM including GitLab/GitHub/BitBucket/SVN to simplify continuous integration
    • Graphical editing panels designed to visualize and simplify CI/CD pipeline creation without writing any Jenkinsfile
    • Easy SonarQube Integration to implement source code quality analysis and view results on the KubeSphere console
    • Dependency cache available for tools like Maven running in Kubernetes Pods to accelerate image building and workloads deployment across Kubernetes Clusters
    Out-of-the-Box CI/CD Pipelines
  • Built-in Automation Toolkits for DevOps with Kubernetes

    • Source-to-Image builds reproducible container images from source code without writing any Dockerfile and deploys workloads to Kubernetes clusters
    • Binary-to-Image builds your artifacts into runnable images and deploys workloads to Kubernetes clusters
    • Automating image building and pushing to any registry and achieving continuous deployment to Kubernetes clusters
    • Excellent resiliency and recoverability as you can copy pipelines and run them concurrently as well as rebuild and rerun S2I/B2I whenever a patch is needed
    Built-in Automation Toolkits for DevOps with Kubernetes
  • Use Jenkins Pipelines to Implement DevOps on Top of Kubernetes

    • Kubernetes combined with Git to facilitate continuous integration with code repositories and boost continuous delivery of cloud-native applications
    • Efficient DevOps teamwork through the KubeSphere multi-tenant system on the basis of Kubernetes RBAC to achieve better access control in CI/CD workflows
    • Powerful DevOps observability with dynamic logs for S2I/B2I builds and pipelines to help you manage Kubernetes DevOps resources with ease
    • Auditing, alerting and notifications available for pipelines to ensure quick identification and resolution of issues throughout CI/CD workflows
    • Git webhooks for SCM pipelines to automatically trigger a Jenkins build when new commits are submitted to a branch
    Use Jenkins Pipelines to Implement DevOps on Top of Kubernetes
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