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KubeSphere is committed to the open source contribution of cloud native technology, enriching the ecosystem of the open source community.

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  • KubeSphere KubeSphere

    KubeSphere is a distributed operating system managing cloud native applications with Kubernetes as its kernel, and provides plug-and-play architecture for the seamless integration of third-party applications to boost its ecosystem.

  • OpenPitrix OpenPitrix

    OpenPitrix is an open source multi-cloud application management platform. It is useful in packing, deploying and managing applications of different kinds (e.g. traditional, microservice and serverless) in multiple cloud platforms, including AWS, Kubernetes, QingCloud and VMWare.

  • Porter LB Porter LB

    Porter is an open source load balancer designed for bare metal Kubernetes clusters. It’s implemented by physical switch, and uses BGP and ECMP to achieve the best performance and high availability.

  • KubeKey KubeKey

    KubeKey is the next-gen installer for Kubernetes and KubeSphere. KubeKey changes from ansible-based technology to Go, supports installing Kubernetes and KubeSphere separately or as a whole easily, efficiently and flexibly.

  • Fluentbit Operator Fluentbit Operator

    The Fluent Bit Operator for Kubernetes facilitates the deployment of Fluent Bit and provides great flexibility in building logging layer based on Fluent Bit, provides Fluent Bit management, custom configuration, and dynamic reloading.

  • Notification Manager Notification Manager

    Notification Manager manages notifications in multi-tenant K8s environment. It receives alerts or notifications from different senders and then send notifications to various tenant receivers based on alerts/notifications' tenant label like "namespace".

  • Kube-events Kube-events

    Kube-events revolves around Kubernetes Event, covering multi-dimensional processing of them, such as emitting events to sinks, issuing notifications and generating alerts. And in some of these dimensions, configurable filtering rules are provided to meet different business needs.

  • Alerting System Alerting System

    Alert is an enterprise-grade general-purpose high-performance alerting system.

  • S2i-operator S2i-operator

    Source-to-image(S2I)-Operator is a Kubernetes Custom Resource Defintion (CRD) controller that provides easy Kubernetes-style resources for declaring CI/CD-style pipelines. S2I Operator create a ready-to-run images by injecting source code into a container image and letting the container prepare that source code for execution.

  • kube-design kube-design

    Kube Design is a set of React component libraries created for KubeSphere console. If you want to develop KubeSphere console, this library will be pretty useful in customizing front end.

  • QingStor-CSI QingStor-CSI

    QingStor CSI plugin implements an interface between Container Storage Interface (CSI) enabled Container Orchestrator (CO) and the storage of NeonSAN, which has passed CSI sanity test.

  • QingCloud-CSI QingCloud-CSI

    QingCloud CSI plugin implements an interface between Container Storage Interface (CSI) enabled Container Orchestrator (CO) and the storage of QingCloud. Currently, QingCloud CSI disk plugin has been developed and manages disk volume in QingCloud platform.