This chapter answers and summarizes the questions users ask most frequently about KubeSphere. You can find these questions and answers in their respective sections which are grouped based on KubeSphere functions.


Faq about installation

Configure a Booster for Installation

Set a registry mirror to speed up image downloads during installation.

Telemetry in KubeSphere

Understand what Telemetry is and how to enable or disable it in KubeSphere.

Install an Add-on through YAML Using KubeKey

Understand why the installation may fail when you use KubeKey to install an add-on through YAML.

SSH Connection Failure

Understand why the SSH connection may fail when you use KubeKey to create a cluster.

Upgrade FAQ

Faq about upgrade

Upgrade QingCloud CSI

Upgrade the QingCloud CSI after you upgrade KubeSphere.

Observability FAQ

Faq about observability


Questions asked frequently about the logging functionality.


Questions asked frequently about the monitoring functionality.

Bring Your Own Prometheus

Use your own Prometheus stack setup in KubeSphere.

Access Control and Account Management FAQ

Faq about access control and account management

Reset the Account Password

Reset the password of any account.

Session Timeout

Understand session timeout and customize the timeout period.

Add existing Kubernetes namespaces to a KubeSphere Workspace

Add your existing Kubernetes namespaces to a KubeSphere workspace.

Account Login Failure

How to solve the issue of login failure

KubeSphere Web Console

Faq about the KubeSphere web console

Supported Browsers

Use a supported web browser to access the console.

Edit System Resources on the Console

Enable the editing function of system resources on the console.

Change the Console Language

Select a desire language of the console.

Multi-cluster Management

Faq about multi-cluster management in KubeSphere

Manage a Multi-cluster Environment on KubeSphere

Understand how to manage a multi-cluster environment on KubeSphere.

Restore the Host Cluster Access to A Member Cluster

Learn how to restore the Host Cluster access to a Member Cluster.


FAQ about DevOps in KubeSphere

Install Plugins to Jenkins in KubeSphere

How to install plugins to Jenkins in KubeSphere

Create a DevOps Kubeconfig on AWS

How to create a DevOps kubeconfig on AWS


Faq about applications in KubeSphere

Remove Built-in Apps in KubeSphere

Learn how to remove built-in apps from the KubeSphere App Store.

Reuse the Same App Name after Its Deletion

Learn how to reuse the same app name after its deletion.