Upgrade with ks-installer

ks-installer is recommended for users whose Kubernetes clusters were not set up by KubeKey, but hosted by cloud vendors or created by themselves. This tutorial is for upgrading KubeSphere only. Cluster operators are responsible for upgrading Kubernetes beforehand.


  • You need to have a KubeSphere cluster running v3.0.0. If your KubeSphere version is v2.1.1 or earlier, upgrade to v3.0.0 first.
  • Read Release Notes for 3.1.1 carefully.
  • Back up any important component beforehand.
  • Supported Kubernetes versions of KubeSphere v3.1.1: v1.17.x, v1.18.x, v1.19.x or v1.20.x.

Apply ks-installer

Run the following command to upgrade your cluster.

kubectl apply -f https://github.com/kubesphere/ks-installer/releases/download/v3.1.1/kubesphere-installer.yaml

Enable Pluggable Components

You can enable new pluggable components of KubeSphere v3.1.1 after the upgrade to explore more features of the container platform.

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